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List of Services
Commonwealth Engineering Inc., specializes in the survey, design and permitting of residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Civil Engineering
Definition - Engineering: The art and science by which mechanical properties of matter are made useful to man in structures and machines.
(Blacks Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition)
Land Surveying

Definition - Surveyor: One who makes surveys, determines area of portion of earth's surface, length and direction of boundary lines and contour of surface. (Blacks Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition)

Site Plans Boundary Survey
Subdivisions Topographic Mapping
Stormwater Management ALTA Survey
Residential Development Land Court Survey
Septic Systems GPS (Global Positioning Survey)
Utility Design and Permitting Construction Layout Survey
Consulting Services Lot Stakeouts
Site Plans - Utilizing base plans prepared in-house or from outside sources, CEI prepares Site Plans suited for the specific use and municipality. Site Plan preparation normally includes zoning, utility and regulation research.
Subdivisions - Towns and cities are very unique in their individual needs and requirements regarding the subdivision of land. CEI is accustomed to preparing subdivision layouts and design plans for numerous municipalities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Stormwater Management - The protection of natural resources starts with the proper collection and management of stormwater. The Massachusetts Stormwater Guidelines require stormwater to meet specific standards for the maintenance, treatment and mitigation.
Residential Development - Communities are looking at more and more creative alternatives to the conventional subdivision. In addition, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is requiring that Towns and Cities provide affordable housing. CEI regularly prepares design plans for planned residential developments, cluster-type developments and Chapter 40B (affordable housing) developments
Septic Systems - From Title 5 inspections to the design of onsite wastewater treatment systems, CEI has professionals licensed to design and inspect a multitude of sewage disposal systems.
Utility Design and Permitting - New sewers normally require sewer connection or sewer extension permits; on-site sewer requires either Title 5 approval or the issuance of a groundwater discharge permit. CEI can provide technical and permitting support for these permits as well as for water supply.
Consulting Services - With extensive design and permitting experience, CEI can also provide review and consulting services for town boards and commissions, directly for the municipality or as peer reviewers.

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Boundary Survey - The main purpose of a boundary survey is to determine property line location from deeds and plans of record prior to development of a parcel. Also used for the erection of walls, fences or other artificial lines dividing certain properties.
Topographic Mapping - This type of survey is mainly required prior to development of parcels of land. The survey can be performed wholly on the ground or can be used in conjunction with aerial mapping. It can also be used to create a flood map of an area using a known vertical datum such as N.G.V.D. 1929 (National Geodetic Vertical Datum) or N.A.V.D. 88 (North American Vertical Datum). The information acquired is used to create base maps that are utilized by civil engineers, architects or landscape architects for design purposes.
ALTA (American Land Title Association) Survey - This survey is usually required by lending institutions for financing of large commercial projects. The standards for the survey are set by the (1) American Land Title Association; (2) American Congress on Surveying and Mapping; and (3) National Society of Professional Land Surveyors.
Land Court Survey - Based on the Torrens System of land registration, this survey is required to be executed according to the Standards set by Land Court in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
GPS (Global Positioning Survey) - One of the latest technologies utilized in many aspects of the surveying profession with sub-centimeter accuracy possible.
Construction Layout Survey - The main purpose is to give lines and grades for the layout of buildings, roads, utilities, etc. Needs can range from a single family dwelling to large commercial projects.
Lot Stakeouts - Usually requested by homeowners who wish to know the location of their property lines in order to erect fences, add decks, remodel or put in landscaping.

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